About the Journal

Berkala Ilmiah ( BIKDW ) is  an open access Journal that provide free of charge publication that according to OJS policy. The publications process cost are funded by Medical Faculty Universitas Kristen Duta Wacana.  In publication process we use a double blind mechanism to choose our reviewers so there is no conflict of interest and fully peer reviewed.

Berkala Ilmiah Kedokteran Duta Wacana publishes research in clinical medicine, basic medical science, public and community health and other health-related discipline. This journal accepts various type of article, including original research, reviews (narrative or systematic), and case reports. Short communications with recent and cutting-edge development in medicine and health-related discipline are also accepted. Letters and commentaries of our published articles are welcome. Berkala Ilmiah Kedokteran Duta Wacana adheres to the principle of open-access journals and owns the copyright on all articles.

We accept any articles within, but not limited, to below list:

    • Basic medical sciences
        • Cell and molecular biology
        • Histology and Pathology
        • Anatomy and Physiology 
        • Pharmacy and Pharmacology
        • Microbiology and Parasitology
        • Biochemistry
    • Clinical medicine
        • Allergy and immunology
        • Anesthesiology
        • Cancer and stem cells
        • Cardiovascular
        • Child health
        • Dermato-venereology
        • Geriatrics and palliative care
        • Internal medicine
        • Neurology and psychiatry
        • Ophthalmology
        • Oral medicine
        • Otorhynolaryngology
        • Physical medicine and rehabilitation
        • Pulmonology
        • Radiology
        • Surgery
        • Women’s health
    • Health-related discipline
        • Public health, epidemiology, and research method
        • Healthcare and hospital management
        • Health informatics
        • Medical education
        • Interprofessional collaboration